How to Make Your Presentation Stand Out

For presentations, quality means everything. It’s important to have quality print outs, folders, and any other banner or poster you might use to display your message. For your next board meeting, school presentation, or local fair booth, search for local printing companies for all of your printing needs. Read on to find out why local printing companies are better than trying to print yourself.

Multiple Printing Options

No matter what you need, local printing companies can adapt to complete your orders. It will be done faster and probably cheaper than you could do on your own. Create pamphlets to hand out to your guests or a banner with your company name. The sky is the limit. There’s no need to try to figure out for yourself the right settings for your home computer, whether it can handle a certain type of paper, or how much ink you might need. Everything is available at your local print shop.

Quality Printing Tools

The quality of paper, ink, and vinyl will be so much higher through local printing companies. You want to put your best foot forward when doing a presentation, and the higher quality the print job, the better impression you will make. For the ink, local printing companies will suggest CMYK, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Commercial printers will use this color mode, but your computer at home will probably use RGB, which stands for red, green, and blue. RGB has a wider color range than CMYK. While wider might sound better, CMYK will match more closely to your planned color scheme than RGB.

Less Chance of Error

Local printing companies know what they’re doing when it comes to print jobs. They are efficient and make fewer errors than you probably would at home. Having a team to back you up on a print job will help you tremendously as you prepare for a presentation. You get to focus on what’s truly important: your message. You don’t have time to worry about mistakes, so let local printing companies take that burden off of your back.

While you are looking at local printing companies in the Los Angeles area, call Guru Printers. We have two locations, one downtown and the other in the Arts District. We have a three-day turnaround time but can also take on your rush jobs. For downtown, dial 213-612-4451 and for the Arts District, call 213-935-8657. We hope to see you soon!

Ace Your Next School Project

Creating the perfect poster for your school project doesn’t have to be a pain. Once you have the right idea in mind, let a poster printing service in Los Angeles take care of the rest. Not only will you know the quality will be great, but you’ll go to school with the best looking poster for your presentation. Here are some of the benefits of choosing poster printing in Los Angeles for your school project.

A Visually Pleasing Poster

Not everyone is artistically inclined. However, with the use of proper printing tools, poster making in Los Angeles has never been easier. Why waste your time pasting information onto a poster board when you can have your design printed by a professional? Your presentation will catch the eye of your classmates and your teacher without the need for artistic talent. Whether you need pictures, words, or bright colors, it can be printed. You will be pleased with the outcome, guaranteed.

Clear Messaging On Your Poster

Poster printing in Los Angeles is in high demand, so printing companies understand what is needed to make a poster successful. Even if you just need a print for an assignment, the level of detail and support you’ll get from the company you hire will be much higher than asking a friend or family member. You’ll get your point across effectively, and you won’t need to worry about ending up with a sub-par poster.

Get Last Minute Poster Printing

In a perfect world, you’d always be on top of your assignments and have your project finished well in advance. However, we all know that’s not always the case. The good news is that with poster printing in Los Angeles, you can get a rush printing job done in as little as one business day. Even if you’re running behind, you can still get a quality end product with a professional printing service. 

Hire Guru Printers for All of Your Printing Needs

Choosing the right printing company for your project is easy when you live in Los Angeles. With Guru Printers, you have two locations to choose from for ease and convenience. We can have your poster printed within 1 to 3 business days with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call 213-612-4451 for our Downtown office and 213-935-8657 for our Art District location. As always, you can also just stop by. We can’t wait to work with you.

Need a Print Shop? Here’s Why You Should Go Local

When you need a printing job done, it’s best to go with local printing companies. No matter the size or type of the job, a local printing company can handle it. The trick is to find the best one to use. It’s never been easier to search for companies online, but don’t go too far out for your services. Here’s what you should be thinking about when you search “local printing companies near me.”

Friendly and Personable Service

When you go through a local company, you get a storefront and actual people to answer your questions. Why use a chat feature when you can go in person and get all of your printing needs met. While big printing companies will probably give you good service, using a local printing company means that you’re helping the local economy thrive, and they will be very thankful for your business.

Competitive Pricing

Local printing companies will give you competitive pricing. They won’t charge exorbitant fees or overcharge on shipping. Local printing companies want your business. At Guru Printing, for example, we boast the fairest prices for our business in Los Angeles. Depending on your relationship with the company, you may even be able to negotiate price.

Location, Location, Location

The best part about going with local printing companies is how close they are to you. You can skip shipping fees, long call-waiting lines, and being unsure of how the product will turn out. With Guru Printers, you can even order a small quantity first to test out the quality. Then, once you are sure of the company, you can move forward with a full order.

Known Entity

Working with a local printing company means that you know who is running it. You can ask for reviews from friends or family, look for customer reviews, and actually talk to the staff. There is nothing better to give you peace of mind, whether you have a huge order or a really short deadline. If you don’t have access to any reviews, just go talk to the company and let them know what you need. They will be happy to work with you.

When it’s time for you to look for local printing companies in the Los Angeles area, look no further than Guru Printers. We are here to handle your print jobs quickly, affordably, and with great quality. Call us today at one of our two locations. Call 213-612-4451 for downtown and 213-935-8657 for the arts district.

What You Need from Your Banner Printing Service

Banners can be used for all kinds of things. Whether you need to advertise for your business, throw up a Happy Birthday sign, or showcase your event, finding the best company for banner printing in Los Angeles is crucial in terms of quality and timeliness. When you find yourself in the market for a banner, make sure you keep these things in mind.

The Turnaround Time for Orders Fits Your Needs

By the time you realize you need a banner and have an idea for what it will look like, you’ll know what time you need to have it printed. Choosing the right company for banner printing in Los Angeles will include choosing a company that can print it on time. Look for a timeline on their website and see if they have any expediting instructions for a faster turnaround. It’s also a good idea to have your banner printed in advance of your event in case of any complications.

Keep an Eye on Prices and Quality

Another thing to look for in banner printing in Los Angeles is the cost of the print job. However, cheaper is not always better. When doing your research, make sure that the tools and fabric used to create the banners will hold up well and produce a quality banner that will last as long as you need it. For instance, a banner you’ll be using outside has to withstand changes in weather. Read testimonials and the FAQ about their materials. Compare the price with quality to see which company will give you the best deal.

Beware of One-Size-Fits-All Shops

You should have an idea of the banner you want to print before looking for a company. In case your design does not match templates the banner printing in Los Angeles has, you’ll need to be able to request a custom banner. When searching for a banner printing company, make sure they can handle custom estimates at an affordable price and timeline. You won’t want to have to redesign your banner to fit their templates. They should be able to accommodate you.

When it’s time to do banner printing in Los Angeles, look no further than Guru Printers. With two locations in Los Angeles, we can help you print the exact banner you need using quality materials and charging a very affordable price. Save yourself the time and energy by calling us for all of your printing needs today. For our downtown store, call 213-612-4451 and for our Arts District store, call 213-935-8657.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Cards

business card printing in los angeles

Creating the right business card to promote your business is crucial for putting the right foot forward. The quality of printing, design, and details will all create an impression on prospective clients. You want to make sure you are getting the very best. You have many choices in how you do your business card printing in Los Angeles. Why not get a professional to be with you every step of the way? Below are some great tips on creating the right business card for your company.

Choose the Right Design

Your first step in business card printing is to choose the right design. You may think you can do it yourself, but what if you’re not sure what design you would like? A printing company like Guru Printers has templates and customizable options that you can preview before sending it to the printer. The happier you are with any preview, the more likely it is that you’ll love your final business cards. You will want to share them with everyone!

Choose the Right Printing Materials

Once you settle on a design, choose the right card stock and finish to give your business cards that professional look. Do you want them glossy, matted, round, or laminated? Guru Printers has many different materials for you to choose from to get the perfect print. Trying to do all of this yourself can be daunting, and depending on where you go to print, you may not have that many options. Going to a professional printing company can save you time when you upload a design, pick out the materials, and print all in one place.

Find a Quality Printing Company

When using a professional printing company like Guru Printers, the quality is always guaranteed. And Guru Printers will help you save on costs without cutting any corners. You minimize the risk associated with doing everything yourself, and you’ll end up with a great business card that you are proud to share with prospective and current clients alike. When you decide to do business card printing in Los Angeles, remember that this card is one of the first impressions people will get of your business. You’ll want to know you have the best product possible.

At Guru Printers, we’ll take care of all of your printing needs. From business cards to books to fliers, we can do it all. If you are thinking about business card printing in Los Angeles, contact us today.

Book Printing Los Angeles: Ready to Self-Publish Your Book?

Book Printing Los Angeles

As a writer, getting published is an attractive goal. However, you may be wondering whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is right for you. Many authors find self-publishing enticing because it allows them to be entirely in control of both the creative and selling processes. After you decide how to publish your book, the next step is printing. If you relate to the following three points, you’re probably ready to start self-publishing and printing in Los Angeles!

Out With the Old, in With the New

Traditional publishing can be difficult to navigate. Getting an agent is almost a requirement to help you make connections with publishers, and you still have no guarantee that publishers will read your manuscript. Even when a publisher agrees to publish your book, they may not even print it to put in stores. But self-publishing is changing the book industry.

If you’re having trouble landing a publisher, or already know you don’t want to go that route, self-publishing could be the right choice for you. With self-publishing, you’re the boss. You have full control of the editing, printing, cover, and everything else. Stop asking for permission to publish your book. You don’t need it.

Higher Costs, But More Profits

Keep in mind that with all the freedom in self-publishing, there are added costs. Normally, traditional publishers pay for all the editing, cover design, printing, and distribution. However, you also give them the rights to your book, meaning you’re left making royalties. The average royalties for books are 7-25%. For instance, if your book sells for $12, you would only make up to $3 per copy sold.

On the other hand, with self-publishing, you may need to hire external editors, designers, and printers. But you earn 100% of the royalties. Choosing your own editors and designers gives you the reigns on style and the overall story. Plus, there are no deadlines rushing your creative process.

Any Book Can Have a Big Impact

Each book is different. Maybe you’re only looking to print a dozen copies at a time. Perhaps you have an e-book, but want to print physical copies to take to signings. Alternatively, you can also print as many as your heart desires. Self-publishing gives you the ability to select a printer who meets your unique printing needs.

If you’re looking for book printing in Los Angeles, you’re in luck! Offering several styles of catalogs and booklets, Guru Printers is a family-owned company with two great locations. We would love to hear more about your self-publishing objectives and are looking forward to helping you cut costs, not corners.

5 Benefits of Using Custom Printing Services for Your Business

We live in a do-it-yourself world. YouTube gives us instant access to a billion videos on how to do just about anything. However, DIY is not always the best way to go, especially when you’re trying to run a successful business. Here are five benefits of using custom printing services for your business.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

This benefit is number one for a reason. Since Guru Printing was started, we’ve been about saving you money without sacrificing quality. We don’t cut corners. Just because we are saving your business money does not mean you’re getting an inferior product. We always invest in the most up-to-date technology so that we can provide all the services you would expect from a full-service custom printer. We manage and maintain the equipment and do the legwork for the actual printing, but you still have full control over the design process.

Do What You Do Best

Many people think that, as long as they have the resources, it always beneficial to do everything themselves. However, when you allocate a significant amount of time to projects that require you to take your attention away from other activities, you are operating at lower efficiency and costing yourself valuable resources. Many business owners and leaders do not accurately quantify the cost of their time, and projects like printing take up large amounts of it.

Fewer Risks

When printing large volumes of material on your own, your company carries all the risk. Your printers could fail. You have to keep up with toner and ink. You have to test layouts and color variations from computer screen to paper. There are dozens of things that could go wrong, and you have to manage all of them. If something goes wrong and a reprint is necessary, you shoulder all the burden of cost and reproduction. Custom printing services from Guru Printers helps to manage this risk by putting the responsibility of equipment upkeep and print failures on us. You develop the content, and we bring it to life for you.

Print Fleet Reduction

Reducing the number or types of printers you need helps lower overall cost. Whether you buy or lease, the cost to maintain a fleet of printers is staggering, especially to a small business or non-profit. Then there’s the added cost of network access, maintenance, and plug-ins that may be needed to translate from a different device or manage color consistency. All of this adds burden to you. Custom printing services minimize your printer fleet and your organizational burden.


Another benefit is customization. Sure, when you’re doing it yourself, you can theoretically be fully customizable as well. However, many people only know the basics of how to do large-scale printing operations, and most only know how to do it one way. At Guru, we are printer people. We are already adept at all of the printing options you can throw at us, and we can offer speedy turnaround and high quality.

When you stack up all the benefits, there’s one simple choice. Guru Printing can save you time and money while still offering you the printing options you desire. Jump over to our website to get a free estimate now and see how you can start saving with our custom printing services.

What Are Custom Window Graphics and Why Should I Invest in Them?

Custom window graphics

There are all sorts of places where you can advertise your product or service. But not all places get the same exposure. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to insert yourself where people can’t avoid you but aren’t annoyed by you either. That isn’t always as easy as it seems. If you want to advertise your business, and you have an office surrounded by windows, those windows can double as billboards very inexpensively. Or you can use car window graphics to advertise on the go.

What Are Custom Window Graphics?

Custom window graphics are signs and banners that stick to glass and make an attractive display. Similar to bumper stickers, they don’t leave any marks, and you don’t need to do anything but peel and stick. The best part about window graphics is that they cost very little but make a huge splash to your audience. If you get your window graphics custom made, not only will they be decorative but they can also be great advertising. Get them printed with your logo or slogan for an affordable but effective way to get your name out there.

What Can You Use Them to Advertise?

The beauty of custom window graphics is that they can be used to advertise just about anything you want. From a garnering interest for a local event to plastering your logo around town, a window graphic can be customized to say whatever you want. And since they are made from vinyl, they are highly affordable and a great addition to your marketing campaign.

How You Can Get Custom Window Graphics

Using window graphics is one of the easiest advertising strategies out there. A machine does all the work to make a window graphic. All you need is a design that you love. If you want to get custom window graphics made for your company or business, all you need to do is send in the artwork, and the machine does the rest. It really is that simple.

Custom window graphics are an excellent way to turn an average window into a running banner or billboard for very little expense. If you are looking for ways to gain more exposure, then a window graphic is a perfect solution. For pricing and instructions on how to make custom window graphics for your business, visit Guru Printers today. We offer a wide variety of printing options for window and wall decals, as well as vinyl lettering.

What to Look for in a Printing Company Near Me

Printing company near me

Printing is a necessary but (for most companies) expensive part of your advertising and marketing budget. The thing about printing is that if it doesn’t look nice or if it isn’t done professionally, then you are spending money on actually hurting your appearance. If you want to print out brochures, advertising flyers, or anything else business-related and you are looking for a “printing company near me,” then look no further than Guru Printers.

The Online Printers that Feel Like We’re Right Next Door

When you order online printing, you might be concerned that there isn’t anyone to “talk” to. That isn’t true of Guru Printers. We have someone available to answers any question that you have. Although we take orders online, our company feels like we are right next door to you. We not only produce the highest quality paper products; we have a vast array of other marketing and promotional merchandise to choose from. That makes us a great company for all of your merchandising and marketing needs.

Best Pricing for a Printing Company Near Me

The best part about Guru Printers is that we offer the most competitive prices in the industry. But you could never tell by the quality of our work. If you are dissatisfied with any of the products that you order from us, we make sure to keep trying until you’re happy. Our customer service team has the goal of making every order you place our number one priority. So, if you are searching for the “best printing company near me,” we are as close as a mouse click away. We offer the highest quality you can get.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Shop

Not only do we offer competitive prices, but we also offer custom estimates so that you are never surprised by the cost of your order. No project is too big or too small for us to tackle. Before the ink ever hits the paper, you will know what the cost of your order will be without any hidden fees or charges. We are a family-owned business that believes in delivering the best quality printed merchandise every time, no matter what you order.

If you are looking for the “best printing company near me,” look no further than Guru Printers. Every project that we complete is the highest quality at the best price possible. Our mission is to make sure that you represent your company the way you desire. Try Guru Printers for any of your business printing needs today.

Top Promotional Gifts to Give for Christmas

Top promotional gifts

The holidays are an excellent time to say “thank you” to your clients for choosing you throughout the year. If you want to let them know how much you appreciate them this year, don’t just send out a generic holiday card. This year, go one step further to show how much they mean to you. A promotional gift is an excellent way to market yourself while making a good impression and showing your appreciation for all the ways that your clients support you all year long. These are the top promotional gifts to give for Christmas.

Custom Holiday Cards

If you are going to send Christmas cards, make sure that they are custom holiday cards with your logo and personalized message inside. Having custom holiday cards made with your logo and design on them shows your clients that you went the extra mile to acknowledge them this holiday season. Your logo will also help to foster brand awareness and brand loyalty, which are both excellent things to start up the new year.

Custom Mugs

What better way to stay in the forefront of your client’s day than to give them a custom mug? If you give a custom mug with your logo on it, every time they use it, your client will think of you. In addition, every time they walk around the office or put the mug on their desk, they are providing you with free advertising to everyone in the office. Most of all, the practicality makes it an excellent gift to receive.

Window & Wall Decals

What better way to wish someone a happy holiday season than with a custom window or wall decal? Make the holidays bright by giving your clients their own “happy holidays” window decal to hang on their office wall. Not only will it brighten their day, but it is also a great conversation piece for anyone who walks into their office. This means it’s free advertising for your company.

The holidays are a great time to acknowledge your customers and to tell them how much you appreciate them. This year instead of just giving a generic holiday card, give something that is a little more personal. A custom card or gift is the perfect way to show your clients that you value their business and strengthen your relationship as you enter the new year. Visit Guru Printers to explore the top promotional gifts to give this Christmas season.