The Best Promotional Holiday Gifts for Your Clients

promotional holiday gifts

With Halloween behind us, the holidays are right around the corner. If you are looking for a perfect way to say “thank you” to your clients, try something new this year. A card is nice, but if you give back in a special way this holiday season, it will help to build loyalty and goodwill with those people who support your business. Luckily, there are a ton of promotional holiday gifts to choose from that are not only personalized but also useful and downright cool.

Custom Mugs

When the cold air rushes in, nothing is better than a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. To say “we appreciate you” this year, send out monogrammed mugs as a promotional gift. It’s not only a useful gift, but it can also be your best advertising. Every time your client takes a sip and walks around the office, they are like a walking billboard singing your praises.

Custom Buttons

A budget-friendly yet effective promotional gift to send to your clients this holiday season is a custom button. Get creative, and design a catchy button to say thank you. If you get your client to wear your button, everyone will be asking where they got it, making it a great marketing tool. A custom button is the perfect way to bring out the festive nature of the holidays for your clients and customers.

Custom Window and Wall Decals

If you want to scream “Happy Holidays,” create a unique and festive template for a custom window or wall decal. It is a great way to help your clients decorate their offices for the holidays with very little effort. It is also a great way to show off your logo and brand name. If your client uses your window or wall decal promotional gift around their office space, it is totally free marketing for you, and it leaves a feeling of value-added for your customers.

Roll Labels

Giving your clients their very own roll labels is a nice gesture to allow them to give their own clients a personalized feel. It also shows them how cool roll labels can be and how effective they are for their company’s marketing. If you give them roll labels as a promotional gift, you will boost your marketing and make you look good too.

Instead of giving your customers the same old, same old this holiday season, go with a personalized touch. There are many promotional gifts to choose from at Guru Printers. But, make sure to order now. The holidays might seem like a long way away, but they will be here before you know it!

Top Five Reasons to Use Hang Tags for Your Bags

personalized hang tags

Hang tags might seem like an afterthought for many businesses, but if you want to let people know the specifics about your product, a hang tag can double as your salesforce. If you want to put an extra nice touch on your merchandise, personalized hang tags are the best way to show that you think about the small details and care about your reputation. These are the top five reasons to go the extra mile and to order today.

They Are Like Roving Billboards

If you fasten a hang tag to your merchandise, it becomes a walking billboard for your brand. The more that people see your brand, the more familiarity they build with it, and the more you will gain in customer loyalty. Hundreds of people can see one hang tag, so for the small price they cost, they are well worth it!

They Can Display Information

If you have merchandise that requires an explanation, then a hang tag is your best salesperson. For busy vendors who might not have time to tell the history behind what they’re selling, the hang tag can tell a potential consumer all they need to know to make the sale.

They Give a Custom Look

Sure, you can get generic hang tags from just about any department store, but they won’t have your logo or your brand on them. If you take the time to purchase personalized hang tags, however, it says that you really care about your brand and go the extra mile to be more custom. Generic is boring, and it lends nothing to build brand loyalty.

They Are Your Signature

If you have merchandise that is probably going to be given as a gift, your hang tag tells the recipient of the gift where it came from. That way, if they want to brag about how cool their gift was, they know where to tell people it came from. It is like reaching out and telling everyone who sees your cool product where to find you without effort.

Inexpensive Advertising

The cost of a hang tag is minimal compared to the great exposure you gain from it. Whether it becomes an advertisement for your brand, your product, or it explains the details of the merchandise you sell, you get great exposure with no effort at all. Personalized hang tags advertise that you care enough to go the extra mile and put yourself out there.

A hang tag is a perfect solution 
to add a little extra something to your merchandise. It can work to give information about your product, advertise to build brand awareness, or just show how much you care about a custom look. For great marketing products like hang tags, visit Guru printers today.

The Sticker Bomb Is Strong

Personalized stickers

What is better than sticking your logo wherever you want? Nothing. A sticker bomb is about the best thing out there marketing-wise to increase your marketing and brand presence. A sticker bomb is a sticker that blows your business up wherever you put them. There are many different types of personalized stickers that you can order for your business. The key is to bomb the client with images to create brand familiarity and awareness. Like mini billboards all over the place, the more places you have visibility, the better.

Sales Stickers

Personalized stickers are a great way to provide information about upcoming sales and features. If you have something that is “buy one, get one,” have a sticker allocated to it with your brand printed right on the sticker itself. If you make the stickers bright and colorful, they will attract the consumer’s eye. Once they are hooked on the sale, you’ve also already bombed them with your brand logo.


If you have an event where you are holding a booth or telling people about your product, sticker it up. You can use your stickers on bags, on materials that you pass out, really anywhere. That is the beauty of a sticker; it can be put on any type of material or surface you want to stick it.

Why Promotional Personalized Stickers Rock!

When you personalize stickers with your brand logo, people don’t even know that they are being inundated with your brand to build brand familiarity; they just see the colorful and cool nature of your business. When you spend the money to have stickers personalized and use them at trade shows, in your packaging or just to hand out as kid favors, it says that you went the extra mile. Personalized stickers leave a good impression with your clients because they are like putting icing on a cake. When you go so far as to give them a personalized sticker, it means that you have thought of everything.

Sticker Bomb Your World Today

The best part about a sticker bomb campaign is that you are gaining maximum exposure for your brand without the high expense that marketing can sometimes cost. A sticker is like a mini billboard for your clients to see. In the world of marketing, there really aren’t that many ways to inundate your niche market in such a creative and non-obtuse way.

So go ahead and sticker it up. The more places you can display your brand, the better. For all the greatest ways to build brand familiarity and awareness for minimal cost, check out Guru Printers. All you have to do is supply us with your logo, and we’ll make sure to get it noticed!

But First, Promote Your Business With a Custom Mug

Custom mugs

If you are a business owner trying to think of something to promote your business, don’t go with the same old, same old. Clients like to feel as if they are appreciated. And the way to do that is to give them something that is outside the ordinary. Custom mugs are a perfect way to say thank you, not just once, but morning after morning. 

Reach Your Clients

Statistically speaking, as many as 83% of people in the United States drink a cup of Joe every morning. That is a staggering number, and it is also an excellent reason that you should promote your business served hot to jar your customer’s brains. It is like giving them a little pep talk morning, late afternoon when they are dragging, or any time of day when they reach for the caffeine. A custom mug is an amazing way to give back in just the right way. It is an excellent way to pick your clients up all day, every day.

What Can You Print on a Custom Mug?

The beauty of custom mugs is that you can print anything you want on them. Come up with a catchy phrase or slogan, or just make it your logo. You can get as creative as you want. If you print something funny, you might get the whole office laughing. That is not only a great way to advertise to your existing clients, but also to reach others who aren’t your clients just yet. Print in the colors you want, or even print multiple designs in different color schemes. The idea is to capture people’s attention and build brand familiarity.

When Is the Best Time to Give Them Out?

The good thing about a custom coffee mug is that you can use them as a gift to say ‘thanks for your business,” send it as a “Happy Birthday” message, or use them for just about any occasion. If you’ve got a lead on a new client, but haven’t gotten them to sign on, custom mugs will show them you care about each individual client. It will also tell them how much you invest in the people who invest in you. Whatever you send it for, it is the gift that keeps giving. Instead of the standard pen, or stationary with your logo on it, the coffee mug will last and be used time and time again. That is a whole lot of promotional traction for a small price!

If you want to promote your business, a custom mug is a fantastic way to do so. Your clients will use them daily. That means tons of marketing and building brand familiarity. This year don’t hand out the same old monogrammed pen. Go the extra mile, and have a custom coffee mug tell your clients how much you care. Get your custom coffee mugs printed today at Guru Printers.

Invitations That Say, “Be There or Be Square”


When you host a party, you set the tone for how much fun people have. To make sure that everyone is not only there, but that they come ready to party, invitations have to scream “Be there or be square!” The type of invitation you choose, its design, and the details that you inscribe on it, are all ways to attract your invitees and get them ready for fun. 

Why a Print Invitation Is Best

If you want to make an event super important, don’t send out one of those emails to everyone on your list and wait for them to reply. Make it a momentous occasion and go old-school. Everyone loves to get something in their mailbox, besides the occasional bill.  Print invitations that come to someone’s front door are way more appealing and say that you put some thought and effort into your get-together. 

It’s All About the Theme

To get people excited about your upcoming event, you want to choose an engaging theme for your invitation. Vivid colors are great for a child’s birthday. Or, choose black and white for an elegant affair.

The color scheme and theme of the invitation will say it all. It will either get your invitees in the mood, or it will turn them off. Tell the people on your invite list exactly what they can expect when they show up!

The Font

Not many invitation designers consider the font of an invitation. However, it’s an important design factor to set the tone for your party. It should stand out and attract the eye. Try funky fonts or large prints, and go ahead and get bold. Your guests will appreciate how the words jump off the page.

Use a Picture

A picture says a thousand words. If it is your child’s first birthday, an engagement party, or a Sweet 16, affix a photo to your invitation. If you incorporate a good image, your invitation will serve a dual purpose. It will get people excited about the celebration, and it will also give them a picture to keep for decoration long after the party lights have gone off.

Your invitation should be inviting and say, “Be there or be square.” Choose engaging colors, make it user-friendly, and, if possible, make it a dual purpose invite that invitees can have as a keepsake. For the best invitations to increase your party attendees, check out all the great invitation styles offered by Guru Printers today! A vast number of types, styles, and images await, to create your perfect invitation. 

The Wonderful World of Creative Business Cards

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but it happens anyway. The same goes for your business cards. When you hand a new connection a boring card, it could end up straight in the trash. Creative business cards make a statement. They show potential clients, employers, or business partners that you care about first impressions. At Guru Printers, we offer a plethora of customizable business card options to help you show initiative.

Style is Key for Creative Business Cards

Your business cards should be as unique as you are. Therefore, it is important to choose a style of card that fits your personality. When you think of business cards, rectangular probably comes to mind. Not all of us fit into that shape though. Guru Printers offers oval shaped and rounded corner business cards if you don’t see yourself as rectangular.

Nothing stimulates the senses quite like texture. Make a lasting impression by creating linen uncoated, suede, soft velvet, or silk laminated business cards. A business card that feels different from others certainly won’t be forgotten. You can also find spot UV, pearl metallic, recycled (natural uncoated 30% post-consumer content), and 18 point kraft cards at Guru printers.

Enhance Business Cards with Your Own Design

Once you’ve selected the perfect style of creative business card, you should think about design. Perhaps you have drawn up exactly what you want your business card to look like. At Guru printers, we don’t believe in cookie cutter business cards, we believe in helping you let your personality shine. If you have a front and back design in mind, simply format your idea in a PDF. We will follow all of your specifications.

For those of you that want some design help, we offer in-house graphic designers that can show you several options. Our graphic designers will work with you if you have input to give. If you prefer to let the experts do the work, our graphic designers will create something sleek and professional, all you have to do is tell us what the text should be.

Creative Business Cards With Guru Printers

Creative business cards are a must if you want to stand out. Think about what styles speak to you and your audience. Don’t forget about design either. For those of you that are all about DIY, Guru Printers encourages you to design your business cards yourself. For those that aren’t into graphic design, our team will help you create impression-making creative business cards. Take a look at our business card options today!

Color Printing or Bust

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

What better way to grab attention than to use color printing? Our eyes are naturally drawn to color. This makes colored advertising the obvious choice when it comes to marketing. Are you ready to find out how to use this attention-grabbing ability to your advantage?  Keep reading to learn how color printing is perfect for marketing and other business-related projects.

Color Printing Can Draw Customers In

New clients and customers don’t want to read about what your business offers in black and white. We read enough in black and white as it is. Color printing can be used to highlight the most important parts of your printed announcement. Are you announcing a sale? If so, “sale” should be red to demand the attention of the reader or passerby. Savings could be discussed with green ink. Savings mean more green in your wallet or bank account, so when someone sees savings printed in green they can picture the money they will save!


Well Thought Out Projects Have Style

If you are working on a project for a client, printing in color can show how much thought you put into your presentation. The content we discuss is meaningless if it isn’t easily understood. Color coordinating the key points of your project can help your client interpret the information you are telling them. Furthermore, color printing shows that you took the time to create a polished final product.

Anyone can easily print a black and white document from home. A document printed in color shows that you thought about how you want to display your information. While color printing can be done at home, professional color printing from Guru Printers will really blow your audience away.

Set Yourself Apart

Color printing can set you apart from other businesses with similar services. You should do everything you can to be different from your competition. The personality of your business and the things that make it special can be expressed better in color. You can play around with adding fun colorful graphics to your printed items and make words jump off the page with color ink.

Whether you are marketing or presenting a project, color printing is a must for businesses. We live in a world filled with vibrant colors. Guru Printers can help you bring that color to your ideas. We create quality prints because we want to showcase your quality ideas. Contact us today to print your next color project!

Great Sticker Ideas for Last Minute Sticker Printing in Los Angeles

Stickers are excellent for promoting your company because everyone loves them! Give a sticker to a kid in Los Angeles, and you’ll find your logo on a light post in San Diego. You don’t have to worry about spending too much time designing stickers. If you decided to make some stickers at the last minute, here are some ideas.

Logo Sticker Printing

Sometimes simplicity speaks a thousand words, especially in Los Angeles. Sticker printing is simple so your design can be simple, too. A simple sticker with just your company’s logo on it gets your name out and looks cool. People love to cover water bottles, phone cases, and more with logo stickers. You can create some conversation starting pieces with a minimal amount of effort.

Geometric Stickers

Another quick sticker printing design can be a geometric sticker with a simple print. Does your company have a motto? Print the motto on a triangle or square sticker, and people will love it. Something about straying away from the classic circle sticker really appeals to potential customers. Unique geometric stickers look interesting and are fun to stick on all things. If you get a little bit of your company’s information on a cool shape, people are sure to do all the advertising for you.

Colorful Stickers

A colorful world is a fun world! In Los Angeles, colorful stickers with a simple logo or company motto on it can grab the attention of potential customers. No special designing is really needed for a colorful sticker. Just think of which colors you want, and print them with your company name. You could even make a variety where some stickers have the company name, some have a company motto, and some have a logo. Display these fun, colorful stickers at your storefront, and customers will be happy about their free gift.

Create some promotional masterpieces at the snap of a finger by ordering logo, geometric, and/ or colorful stickers. If you give a customer a sticker, you’ll surely get some promotion in return. We live in a world of water bottles and bumpers covered in stickers. Your brand just might make its way across the pond thanks to sticker printing. Guru Printers is the best for Los Angeles sticker printing. Give us a call today with your last-minute sticker printing design!

Los Angeles Printing Companies: What to Look for Before You Order

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Los Angeles is a city full of people with excellent taste and creative ideas. These ideas can come to life with an excellent printing service. For this reason, there are many Los Angeles printing companies that can help you put your envisioned project in a tangible form. However, before ordering from a printing company, you should be sure that they can give you what you want. Keep reading below to learn about how to sort through all the printing service options out there and choose the best one for you!

Los Angeles Printing Companies

Los Angeles has countless options for printing services because it is an artist hub. People here simply understand how important good design is and how to make things work. They have an eye for elegance and can create aesthetic designs. If you are reading this post, you’re probably one of these art savvy individuals.

Choosing the Right Printing Company

While hunting for the perfect Los Angeles printing company, you need to do your research. Take advantage of the awesome tool we have, called the internet, and see what options you have! It is important that you investigate all of your possible options to ensure that you find the printing company that can meet all, or most of, your needs.

When researching Los Angeles printing companies, you should check out customer reviews. Excellent customer service means that the printing company listens to what customers want and helps them figure out the best printing method. You should look for a printing company that is just as excited about your project as you are. In addition, you should investigate the quality of paper, ink, and vinyl that the printing companies offer. High-quality prints make lasting impressions.

Guru Printers

One of the best Los Angeles printing companies is Guru Printers. Not only have we been voted first in customer service, but we also offer many high-quality services. We are unique in that our goal is to help you accomplish your goals. At Guru Printers we care about your projects and want your ideas to be well depicted.

If you read this post, you obviously have a project worthy of only the best printing service. When researching, the most important things to look for in Los Angeles printing companies are excellent customer service and high-quality products. Guru Printers can guarantee both. Give us a call today to learn more about working with us!

How Custom Window Graphics Draw Street Shoppers In

Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

When it comes to window shopping, people are drawn to new and interesting looking things. Decorations like custom window graphics with bright and shiny designs are eye-catching and exciting! People will be compelled to enter your store if your windows show off relevant information with a splash of color and unique style.

Options for Custom Window Graphics

Window graphics by Guru Printers can be as simple as store hours or as unique as your store’s logo. We understand that the term “window shopping” exists because people want to be able to see what your store or business is all about just by walking past. For this reason, we offer several custom window graphics options that can meet your business’s needs. At Guru Printers, you can order decals, vinyl lettering, and more.

Window Decals

Decals look as cool on your business storefront as they do on the rear window of cars. Guru Printers can print decals for business promotion, sales, changing seasons, holidays, or anything else you can think of. Decals look sleek and professional because they almost seem etched into the glass of the window. They don’t have an out of place background because the background is the window! Furthermore, the empty space from decals allows potential customers to still peak in your store while you utilize the free advertising space provided by your windows.

People are drawn to interesting designs and bright colors. With custom window graphics, like decals, you can make your business look as interesting on the outside as it is on the inside. Storefronts must always compete to appeal to as many people as possible. You can be the cream of the crop by adding creative designs to your windows.

Vinyl Lettering

Store hours and accepted methods of payment are something people want to know right away. Vinyl lettering by Guru Printers allows you to put this important information in a place where customers can see it as they walk into your store. The material we use for vinyl lettering is high quality so it can look fresh for years to come.

We live in a world where we judge books by their cover. Bright colors, clever advertisement, and easily accessible information are of the highest importance. Therefore, your building should look as amazing on the outside as the unique services and products you offer. Guru Printers can help you grab the attention of passersby with custom window graphics. Contact us today, or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer!