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Design Guide for Booklet Printing in Los Angeles

Booklets are a great way to help boost your business or promote your personal brand. Booklets can be filled with writing and art. They can also be filled with information about your company and given away at events and conferences. Booklet printing in Los Angeles is easy and cost-effective. There’s no reason you can’t use […]

Places to Display Vinyl Banners in Los Angeles

Using vinyl banners for your company is a great way to boost marketing potential and help organize your business. Vinyl banners made in Los Angeles can hang anywhere. You can use them in your store/office and storage units to help keep you and your employees organized. Hanging banners in outdoor locations can help attract attention […]

Stick To Your Message With Bumper Stickers & Labels 

Stick To Your Message With Bumper Stickers & Labels  Stickers & Labels  Labels and stickers are great versatile and cost-effective marketing materials.  They can be used on your retail packaging and mailed packages, as well as a variety of products your business may carry.  They’re also great promotional materials which foster memorable branding that caters to […]

Guru Printers Tips For Making Stickers and Labels

Guru Printers Tips For Making Stickers and Labels Before you order Stickers and Labels here are some of friendly design tips and factor for you to consider. Pick A High Resolution Image Make sure that your source files are 300 DPI or better to ensure that your stickers or labels can be easily read up close. Starting with […]

Are Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles Worth It?

Die-cut stickers are a great way to customize your sticker options and provide more options for your brand or company. But are they really worth the extra design time and money? Whether or not you choose to invest in die-cut stickers in the Los Angeles area will depend on your specific needs. In most cases, […]

Why Silk is a Good Option for Business Cards

Having the right business card is important. A business card is often the first impression of you or your company. It tells potential customers not just what you do but who you are. A poorly made business card doesn’t put out a good impression at all; it can harm your marketing goals instead of boosting […]

Where to Utilize Vinyl Lettering in Los Angeles

Vinyl lettering is a useful tool in helping your business grow and expand. There are several uses for vinyl lettering in Los Angeles, from organization to promotion and more. Your business, company, or personal brand can utilize vinyl lettering for marketing purposes, storage aid, and even decorations. With a quick and high-quality printing job, you’ll […]

How LA Roll Labels Help Your Business

Roll labels are valuable tools that can be used in a variety of ways to help your business grow. Thanks to modern technology, you can put any design, logo, or text onto a roll label. Roll labels allow you to quickly and efficiently have access to whatever sticker you may need. Whether it’s for promotion, […]

Guide to Using Die-Cut Stickers in Los Angeles for Promotion

Getting die-cut stickers in Los Angeles is easy and quick. However, knowing what to do with those stickers can be a different story. Companies and private brands worldwide are using stickers as a way to help promote their brands. But utilizing die-cut stickers isn’t always as easy as just printing your logo and handing them […]

How to Find Cheap, Same-Day Business Cards in Los Angeles

Business cards are a staple for any business or store. They are a necessity at conferences, workshops, and other events. Having a business card means you can get your information and your company’s information into the hands of any interested party. Finding new clients and customers, potential business partners, and even advertisers is exponentially easier […]

How to Ensure Your Stickers Print Properly with Same-Day Sticker Printing

Utilizing same-day sticker printing can be a great way to get high-quality stickers quickly. And with most printing companies in LA, you can get them printed fairly cheaply. However, having a professional printing company print your stickers doesn’t always ensure your stickers will come out perfectly. And if you’re ordering same-day, then there’s less time […]

What You Need to Know to Design a Good Business Card.

  Quality Business Cards @ GuruPrinters.com What You Need to Know to Design a Good Business Cards If you are a person who is involved in sales or business in some way, you have frequently handed your business card to someone, so they had your name and contact information. It is a great way to […]

Why Business Cards Still Matter

  Why Business Cards Still Matter. There is quickly becoming an opinion that has formed that a website is the most important piece of information that customers may ask from you. If not the website, then definitely a social media account. A lot of business owners, executives, and managers feel that this is where they […]

Large Format Printing

  Go Big and Get More Attention with Large Format Printing. Most of us can relate to a situation where we are driving down the road and see a sign on the corner that says, “garage sale.” The standard garage sale sign is sold at virtually all major retailers and is used by the vast […]

A Printed Business Card Is the Key

Use the Personal Touch to Win Customers, Providers to Your Business Contact Guru Printers for all of your business card needs! A Printed Business Cards Is The Key! There is no doubt that we live in a digital age. More people are turning away from sending letters and cards and are using email as their […]

How to Find Cheap Business Cards in Los Angeles

  Cheap Business Cards – Guru Printers – Click here Business cards are an important thing for all companies to have. They provide people with a visual logo for your company, which is great for branding purposes. Also, the card provides different ways they can contact you. The business card strategy depends on the type […]

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