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Advertising has become increasingly mobile as companies have, over the last few decades, taken their companies, brands and products out to one-off events or events that occur infrequently.

Whether it is a sales conference, a trade show or your company has decided to sponsor a particular event, the marketing and advertising of your company, a brand or a product needs to be done very differently to your company’s traditional marketing and advertising strategy.

Mobile advertising requires specialized printing and advertising material for the event. If the event is outdoors, then weather resistant material is going to be needed. If you are displaying at a tradeshow, then you will want material that can be easily stored and transported. In store advertising, billboard and poster advertising are simply not appropriate or useful and thus new material needs to be printed for these occasions.

Roll up banners are popular for indoor events and indoor sponsorships. These banner stands are typically printed on vinyl and roll up easily for simple storage and transport. If you have a display stand at a specific event, then large posters printed on vinyl are excellent for back of the stand décor to supplement banners and product displays. Outdoor events are now typified by feather flags that flutter nicely in the breeze.

Even your company cars can be useful in outdoor advertising. New technologies have resulted in decal magnets that can be very easily stuck to a car. This ease means that company cars can now be used for very specific and short time-period advertising campaigns.

As a Los Angeles based company, you have a wealth of Los Angeles printing companies to choose from. However, it is important to note that not all Los Angeles printing companies are specialized in mobile advertising or have the necessary experience in mobile advertising. You will want to ensure that the Los Angeles printing company near me, you choose has a team of excellent graphic designers.

The dimensions for mobile advertising are not typical and thus your ideas will certainly need to be adapted and specifically created for banners, posters and flags. Graphic design is also a very specific skill that you are unlikely to have in-house. This graphic design brings impact, recall and attention, and you most certainly don’t want to get those wrong.

You are then going to want to ensure that the printed material is of exceptional quality. With all the transport and the pulling up or rolling out for display, you want material that is going to last and resist the stresses of handling and transport.

There are not many Los Angeles printing companies that bring all these requirements together in one store. Make sure you do your research and choose the right partner for your mobile advertising. Whether it is advertising just outside your stores or offices or whether you are travelling across the country to a conference, mobile advertising is now a must and is as important as your traditional advertising mix. With the right Los Angeles printing company partner, you will have little to worry about.