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A bright, eye-catching poster is one of the most effective ways to attract attention for your brand, product, or event. Guru Printers realizes there is an art to poster printing services that can help you advertise or explain the differences in products, display product features, and encourage customers to buy a product or sign up for a service. At Guru, we understand the art and science of poster printing and design. Follow these tips to get started with your design:

1.    Visual Interest

Think “Wow factor.” How can you make your poster stand out and attract attention? First, consider the area you have to work with. The old advice to use bright, clashing colors to attract attention may not work in an area already wallpapered with brightly colored posters. There’s a rising trend in minimalist advertising to cut against the grain of oversaturated urban markets. Consider taking a “less is more” approach if everyone else is doing the opposite. Whether you make your poster flashy or simple, be sure to make it unique. Visual interest is what will catch your customer’s eye and make them come back for a second look.

 2.    Spark Curiosity

Once you have the customer’s attention, make it count! Asking a question, even a rhetorical one, is a great way to engage the audience. As they think about the answer, they’re also spending more time with your sales material. Avoid using too much text or long, complex sentences in this format. Opt for the BIG MESSAGE over minute detail.

 3.   One Clear Point

No one should walk away from your poster unclear about what to do. Add a call to action so that people know they can check you out online. Let people know to show up to an in-person event with dates, times, and locations. Give the audience something actionable, so your poster has built-in next steps. Don’t forget to include your Twitter handle and other social media information. A QR code is a fresh, fast way to get your information into the customer’s device.

How to Order

At Guru, poster printing can take as little as one business day if you’re willing to rush it. Three business days is the standard rate. The cutoff time for printing is 11:00 am PST. We start working on anything that comes in after that time on the following business day. Contact us if you have any questions about poster printing or the delivery process. 



     Poster Gloss & Poster Matte : 1-3 Day Turnaround

Purpose: This material is a Pigment / Dye / Quick Dry - Photo Quality material. Somewhat delicate, not scuff resistant or waterproof. Bleed: no bleed, no crops - make your artwork exactly the size you are ordering.