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Sizes : 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5 and snap books. We offer 2-4 Part NCR Forms.

Non Carbon copy paper (NCR paper) is common in almost every office and store where multiple copies of information, either written down or mechanically typed, need to be made. Every time we visit the bank or receive a receipt from the local butcher, we have been exposed to NCR paper. The attached white, pink and yellow forms, all bearing copies of what you wrote on the top layer, are known as NCR printed forms.  The process of “copy-pasting” using NCR Printed forms was invented in the fifties and uses microcapsules of ink imbedded in paper that when written over, are transferred to the sheet of paper below (known as a part). This invention has saved us all from countless hours of writing out the same information three times every time we go into the bank. Many varieties of forms are available in NCR form with generic order books, receipt books or invoice pads being the most common and easily bought from your local stationary store. But there are occasions when customised forms are required and it is not a case of simply popping to the store. Most print shops have the capacity to do NCR Form Printing. These print stores will offer you a variety of options for your NCR Form Printing needs. Paper colours and number of parts will be given as options. Up to six parts are not uncommon with each part in a different colour. Binding options will also be given. The forms can either be loose, stapled together or bound together as booklets. Where booklets are printed, pages will most likely be perforated for easy removal and handing to a customer. Other more advanced options allow for printing on the back of the form. Legal information, warranty information or contact details can be printed on the back of each form without any deterioration of transfer. Record keeping frequently requires that numbered pages, particularly in the case of invoices and receipts, are present and these can easily be added to customised forms. Then there is the page size, which varies depending on function. Most local stores will give you at minimum two page size options in which you need to print your form. Generic forms are easily available with many local stores having templates available in Word or Pubisher format for the most common uses of NCR Forms. Most print stores will of course allow you to design your own forms from scratch, if you have the know-how, and print these in the format that you need. This allows you to maintain your branding style, use your company logo or add vibrant colours to your forms. Just make sure though that you have cleared page size options with staff at the store.  It’s about time we give NCR Form Printing a big thank you. It has saved us all a lot of time and with pen and paper still very much part of everyday life, copy pasting the original way is still very likely to be part of your business needs.