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Restaurant Menu Printing

Full-Color Menu Printing Services

  • 8.5 x 11 Menu Printing on 28lb Paper with 5mil Lamination
  • 11 x 17  Menu Printing on 28lb Paper with 5mil Lamination
  • Custom Sizes Available. Please Call.
  • Same Day Service is Available. Please Call.

The finest restaurant menu printing Los Angeles at Guru Printers. Restaurant menus need not be a rough spot in your business. Use the many years of experience Guru Printers has in restaurant menu printing Los Angeles to help smooth your way to fantastic menus every time. Menus have become more fluid than they used to be. A restaurant no longer sticks with the same menu items for years.  Instead, restaurants change items to match the season, to match available foods, or just to make a change to keep the customers interested.  Sometimes this means that menus need to change daily, weekly or monthly.  Guru Printers can respond to whatever your needs are. There are many ways to set up your menu’s printing plan. You may have a set of items that rarely changes with a second group of items that are specials or only seasonal. Guru Printers can help you layout your menu to take both of these types of items into consideration. You may like having a more permanent part of the menu along with an ever changing part.  Or you may feel that your restaurant’s style requires a new menu at specific intervals, even though one part of the menu never changes. We are here to accommodate your needs and will gladly work with you to create the menus you need. Consider what can be done with photos in your menus. If your list of items offered is small enough you may want to have a picture accompanying every item listed. Otherwise, use photos to highlight new food dishes or the items you want the customer to consider the most.  Pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to food and menus. If the dish looks inviting in the photo you have an excellent chance of the person ordering it.  With that in mind, be sure to use high quality photos.  If you are not a good photographer, enlist the help of someone who is.  Guru Printers can help improve your photos to a point with the use of PhotoShop and other related programs, but you cannot rely on “PhotoShopping” for everything. Probably the easiest way to get started on your new menu is to bring in your old menu. Feel free to mark it up with what you like and what you want to discard.  Don’t forget to bring along the list of new food items you want to include and your pictures. Be sure to carefully proof read you menu listing, especially if there are any exotic food items.  We don’t want to misspell the name of a dish or food item. Of course, before the final printing you will proof your menu, but it is always easiest if we don’t have mistakes to be found and corrected.  Be sure to discuss the cardstock you will be printing the menus on with the staff at Guru Printers.  We have many options to offer you.  Anytime you want to make a change, just tell us. Changing cardstock colors or textures over time can be one way of keeping your menus interesting to the customers.  While white can be very handy, other shades can be more exciting. Restaurant menu printing Los Angeles need never be boring at Guru Printers.