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Los Angeles Sign Company

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Business Signage: More important than you think.

Business signage may seem like an easy concept to get right and you may feel that you have all the in-house knowledge to design a good set of business name signage, banners, decals, vehicle graphics or one of many other signage options and it simply a case of getting someone to print or manufacture the signage for you. It is, simply not that easy, and it can be an expensive mistake if you get your signage wrong. It is far less risky, and frequently far more added value, if you choose the right Los Angeles sign company to assist you through the process of creating your signs from the very beginning. As already indicated, business signage can take on many forms. Business signs can be the sign on the sidewalk outside your office block or factory, it could be the banner outside your store or the advertising you have temporarily put up on the sidewalk outside your restaurant. It could also be the decals or magnets you put on your company vehicles to get your messages across wider areas of the city or displays you have created for your next trade show attendance. All of these designs sound quick and simple to put together. Your marketing and advertising team should have the customer and product or service knowledge to put together a decent message and copying and pasting images is easy. Not quite so fast. Consumers are becoming more selective, more swayed by business and brand image and discerning in what messages they choose to act on. Your marketing and advertising team may know your customers backwards and may have a good idea as to what attracts new customers, but what they don’t have, and it is not necessarily their job to have it, is the creativity associated with putting these messages together with the right images and graphics. These holistic communications are what consumers are now responding to and then acting on. Getting this wrong and you will certainly not be getting many new customers and good well be losing customers to your competitors who are getting their business signage right. If your current Los Angeles sign company does not have a creative and design team, then it is important that you very quickly identify a Los Angeles sign company that has an excellent team of graphic designers along with printing capability to provide an all-in-one solution. Graphic designers understand how to put text, images and graphics together that will have impact, create recall and produce a call to action. Without the graphic design element, your business signs are going to be dull at best and off-putting at worst. Neither of these are options you want to take a risk on. Fortunately, there are a handful of Los Angeles sign companies that understand the requirement for graphic designers and they have become as important a part of their teams as the printing experts themselves. Make sure you identify a Los Angeles sign company with a graphic design service offering and appoint them quickly before you embark on any new business signage. 

 We are a printing company in Los Angeles that specializes in printing signs.


Custom signs are great for:

Conventions and trade shows

Drawing attention to products and services
Customizing to fit your marketing needs