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Foil Business Cards

Foil Business Cards on Silk Laminated 16pt Paper

Do you know the best place in Los Angeles for business card printing?  It’s Guru Printers.  We offer high quality printing with exceptional results at a good price and with excellent turnaround time. Special processes such as gold foil business cards are no problem for us, and you will really like the effect. Business cards are your personal business calling card.  They say quite a bit about you, even if you are not there!  That is why you need to invest in the best design and printing for your business cards.  Your business cards will be a marketing tool that will always be at work for you.  You need them to properly represent you and your business. Start with the card’s design.  Guru Printers can help you.  Bring in your ideas and we will work with you to create a business card you and your business will be proud of.  We will work closely with you to be sure to bring out the right impression through that card.  If you find ideas on the internet be sure to print them out so we can see what is catching your eye.  Be sure to consider “fancy” ideas such as gold foil printing. You will need to choose which paper to print your cards on. If your design includes a photo you may want to use photo paper.  You will always want to use a strong card stock or other thick paper that will withstand handling many times over.  Your cards need to both durable and memorable with the ability to stand up to everyday wear and tear. While you were designing your card you will have crossed through the questions of whether you want a traditional shape and size or whether you prefer a different shape or a larger or smaller than average card.  Be sure to keep your design in mind as you are choosing the print medium and do not hesitate to ask questions of the Guru Printers staff. Printing of your cards will be very important so you much choose the font, message, and ink carefully. You need to think about who will be receiving your cards and what they need to know about you. Be sure that all the information that they will need about you and your business are on that card. This can mean including not only name, address, and phone number, but also a website address and email address. Consider if there is anything on your cards that will need to be highlighted as you move on to the next step. Picking the ink that will be used on the cards is of utmost importance. Guru Printers offers many possibilities including raised print and gold foil print.  Gold foil printing can add elegance to your business cards that cannot be surpassed by other techniques.  Gold foil can be used to print and highlight the name of your company, a logo, or a phrase.  It can also embellish the card with scrolls or boxes. Be sure to investigate your options with the staff. They will be able to show you examples and can even play with the possibilities on the computer with your card specifics so that you can see what adding gold foil can do. When you want gold foil business cards have the printing done at Guru Printers.  You will not be disappointed.

Available Options

  • 14pt Uncoated Paper, 16pt Silk Laminated Paper
  • Copper Foil, Silver Foil, Gold Foil, Red Foil, Blue Foil, Black Foil
  • Standard Corners, Rounded Corners


We offer 2 types of foil, Silver and Gold. Each order can only have one type of foil, Gold or Silver. You can't order a Foil job with Gold foil on the front and Silver foil on the back.

  •  Foil mask files are set up just like our Spot UV mask files. The file can only be black and white. All black areas should be 100k or only 100% black with no  other colors added. Black in the areas you want the foil and white in the areas you do not want the foil.
  •  Please avoid using small / fine text or fonts for foil objects. For best results, please  make sure that foil coverage is less than 50% of the artwork area
  •  Also, be aware that there may be up to 1/16" shift on the placement of the foil. Keep this in mind if you are trying to align foil with other printed artwork on  the card.
  •  Remember that black in the mask file must be 100k where you would like the foil to go.