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Custom Mug Printing

  "A great mug makes a great drink."

  •  11oz Ceramic mug
  •  Print area 8.5" x 3"
  •  Standard Turnaround or Same Day Service (Change under Size/Options)
  •  We cannot print images that have more than 50% coverage with dark colors.
  •  Boxes sold separately on quantities of 5 or more.  

Cutoff time for all orders is 11:00 AM PST (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after cutoff time will be reconciled the following business day. 

Have you ever considered what you could use custom personalized mugs for in your business?  Or who could you surprise with a gift of a personal mug?  As you think of the many uses for mugs, head towards Guru Printers. Here we can help you realize what you are thinking of making. There really are many, many uses for personalized mugs in business. One of the most obvious ideas is to print your business’ name or logo, or both on mugs. Give one to each employee and they can be used around the office. These same mugs can be used as sales give-aways.  Hand them out at meetings, conventions, and trade shows.  Print up a design that reminds everyone of not only your business, but also the best part of your trade show booth.  Consider placing a fun photo on the mug that was used on part of your booth. Think about placing a spirited or calming slogan and picture on the mug and hand out to employees. Hopefully what you put on the mug will wear off on the employee as the mug sits on their desk. Another great use of custom personalized mugs at work is as rewards.  Make a “job well done” mug and reward employees when they go out of their way to serve a customer or when they drove themselves to complete a task.  It will be something for the award winner to use proudly and an inspiration to those who haven’t won a mug yet to work hard to earn one. Think about what you can do to use personalized mugs at home.  Print each family member’s name on a mug, then use them for family nights and hot chocolate.  Or keep your mug separate from your partner’s mug by putting their name and picture on a mug, and your name and picture on a second mug.  It will be easy to spot when someone else is using your mug.  Mugs can be printed with special photos as a keepsake from a special event or trip.  Or put a picture of your favorite pet on a mug just for fun.  With help from the staff at Guru Printers, put together a collage of pictures on a mug to give to family members.  They are light enough and come packaged, ready for shipping. Organizations can use printed mugs as fund raisers.  What you put on the mugs will be up to you.  They can commemorate an event or be made with a special inscription that represents your organization.  Sell mugs with a design for “#1 Dad” right before Father’s Day.  Or make up a mug to commemorate a special group within your organization such as the class of 2016.  Sports teams or bands can earn money to help support their activities while “advertising” their existence. Guru Printers offers an 11 ounce white ceramic mug for you to work with.  The style is sleek and contemporary.  The ink we use is dishwasher safe for many years of use. When you are looking for a fun yet different gift or award, come to Guru Printers for custom personalized mugs.  Everyone will enjoy the mugs immensely. 



  •  The print area is 8.5x3 for the 11oz. 
  •  For White Mugs, the background color must be C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-0. White color for White Mugs will be ignored.
  •  Please submit in CMYK.