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Custom Car Magnets

Mobile Marketing using Company Cars

 Company cars are an important part of many advertising campaigns. They quickly and easily spread marketing and advertising messages as they are driven around the cities and towns across the United States. Mobile marketing is used by many types of businesses, corporates, and even charities, to raise awareness of new products, sales, and fundraising opportunities. However, the raw material, so to speak, of these advertising and marketing campaigns has traditionally been a laborious and time-consuming process. Laminate decals are the most popular mechanism of applying messages to vehicles, and this process comes with a number of disadvantages. Fortunately, new methods and technologies have become available which eliminate the use of laminate decals completely, and allow for a much simpler and cost-effective application of advertising and marketing messages on cars. 

 Magnets printed with marketing and advertising messages can be directly applied to the doors or bodies of cars easily and quickly, and just as easily removed when a change is desired. We're all familiar with fridge magnets, and car magnets are the same principle - just with a different function. These magnets can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfill any campaign need, and then applied to company vehicles to spread the message. Car magnet printing is now being offered by a number of print stores around the country and most of these stores will offer a fully customizable car magnet print service. Car magnets can be manufactured and supplied in any number of shapes and sizes. The magnets can be as small as a typical bumper sticker or large enough to comfortably fit on the door of an SUV. The material onto which the advertising or marketing message is applied allows for immense creativity, meaning that no matter the message or visual effect is desired, it can be printed on to a car magnet.

 Car magnet printing is offered by numerous print stores, and it's possible that the store that currently prints your flyers or brochures also offers car magnet printing. Print stores employ expert designers and graphic artists to fulfill the creation of advertising and marketing material and the same process that is followed to create a flyer or brochure will be similarly followed for a car magnet. Your marketing or advertising manager will detail the campaign message and required impact, and then the designers and artists will go about designing the material specifically for personalized magnet printing. Once the car magnet designs are complete and approved, it is simply a case of printing the magnets before applying them to your vehicle. From there, your message can begin being spread far and wide!

Cutoff time for all orders is 8:00 AM PST (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after cutoff time will be reconciled the following business day.