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Canvas Printing Los Angeles

  • High-quality prints on Artist Canvas.

  • Printed and mounted on 0.75" durable stretcher bars. 

  • Turnaround time: 3-5 Business Days

 Whether you are a point-and-click photographer using your cell phone or an amateur photographer just learning the nuances of the art, it is now very easy to take great looking photos with the quality and simplicity of cameras these days. Almost all of us have photos stored on our phones or in our cameras that are worth printing to best display and show off some of our memories. One ideal and classy way to show off photos is to have them enlarged and printed on canvas. Canvas brings a real artistic look and feel to printed photos that can then be hung up for display in your home or office.

 Canvas prints involve printing of photos or images on a cotton- or plastic-based background. The printed canvas is then stretched across a wooden frame, and the printed photo is ready to hang on a wall without any additional framing required. The photo is thus borderless, with viewing focused entirely on the photo art. The printed canvas is a modern, personalized work of art, ideal for home or office décor.

 Good canvas printing providers will offer a range of sizes for printing, from as small as 8” x 8” to as large as 30” x 40”. Quality print stores with design and photo image manipulation experts will also be able to manipulate or improve the quality of your photos, ensuring the perfect image. Some stores will even allow you to combine a number of photos on a single canvas allowing for a photo story to be told in a single work of art.

 In order to start the process of getting you photo or photos printed on canvas, identify images that you feel would complement your existing home or office décor. Make sure that these photos are of relatively large resolution as you will likely be enlarging these photos - and you certainly don’t want a pixelated photo displayed on your wall.  Take these photos down to a canvas-printing Los Angeles store and let a digital photo expert look at the images and establish if they can be improved for contrast, color definition, or other parameters using image manipulation software. The photo expert may even suggest cropping the photo to improve the context and focus of the image. Once any finalizations and improvements have been made, you will then decide on the size of the canvas print. The correct size will not just provide the best size for showing off the photo, but will fit ideally into your current décor and available wall space.  Within a few days, you will have your very own art creation using photos that you took. There is nothing like being able to proudly display your unique creation and be able to share the story of it.