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Retractable Banner

Retractable Banners with Display are printed in full color on one side on Matte Banner material. X-Frame Banners print in full color on Semi-Matte Vinyl and finished with 4 grommets.

Same Day Service Available.

LBanner & X-Banner Stands:

Available in numerous sizes.

  • X Banners:  24" x 60"  
  • X Banners:  32" x 73" 
  • X Banners:  48" x 78"  

Economical Display Retractable Banner: 

This 36" wide banner display stand is lightweight and portable. Features include a telescopic pole that allows adjustable banner height between 34" and 78". When not in use, your Banner is stored inside the anodized aluminum casing which fits easily into the travel bag (included).

  • Banner width:  33"
  • Banner height: 34" - 78"

Premium Display Retractable Banner: 

This 36" wide Banner display stand features a sleek design with polished ends. The wide base design gives a professional look while providing excellent stability. The Banner display stand holds a banner up to 36" in width and a fixed height of 90" that can be changed out in minutes. When not in use, your banner graphic is stored inside the anodized aluminum casing which fits easily into the travel bag (included).

  • Banner width:   36"
  • Banner height: 90"

Tabletop Retractable Banner with Stand: 

Maximum impact with minimal effort! Instantly promote brands and more with Tabletop Retractable Banner Displays with 10mil Premium Indoor Vinyl Banners. Available in a variety of tabletop sizes.  This product is ideal for pop up displays at trade shows, university orientations, and indoor events of all kinds.

  • Tabletop Banners:  8.25" x 12"  
  • Tabletop Banners:  11" x 17" 
  • Tabletop Banners:  15.75" x 32"   

Wide Retractable Banner:

  • Banner width:   47"
  • Banner height: 80"

Banner Stand Printing

Retractable Banner Stands

X-Banner Stands

Do you think of Guru Printers when you need banner stand printing?  You should!  There is no better place to go for all your printing needs.  Banner stands, especially retractable banners, can be used for many different purposes for both business and clubs.  They can announce events or guide people to a specific place.  Think of where and when you might need a medium to small size banner that is easily removed, stored, then brought out again and again.  That is a retractable banner. You may not be completely familiar with retractable banner stands.  They probably do not fit your thoughts of a banner, which most people consider a very large hanging item.  Retractable banner stands can be taller than a person, but are rarely larger than about 33 inches in width.  This allows them to be retracted into the base for easy storage and travel.  Height of the banner is variable, usually based on the content of the banner. At Guru Printers we can help you design your banner.  You bring the ideas, and maybe a picture or three, and we will get to work with you on the banners you need.  Pictures on your banner(s) can really help draw people to the banner.  The best pictures are ones of your facility and staff, rather than using a stock photo of a generic subject. Think how great it is for a potential customer to see a person on the banner who is also standing in the booth.  The perfect draw to bring the customer to that person to discuss your business. Retractable banners are an important part of a trade show booth.  Guru Printers will gladly help you design your booth, then print it.  As the booth is designed we will help you determine what is best made into a retractable banner.  Some parts of the booth may be totally single use, but many will be something you can use over and over. Those are the best banners to make as retractable banner stands. Retractable banners are also great for a banner that needs to be moved around. Even if you will only use the banner for a limited time it may be best made in a retractable banner stand system so that you can easily store and move the banner. Discuss what your use of the banner will be with Guru Printer staff so that we can guide you. Let’s review the advantages of a retractable banner.  While the width is set, the height can be adjustable to where you are placing the banner.  This could be important as you use the banner in different places. The banner is easily retracted back into the base.  The base is sturdy and makes for easy storage and travel.  No need to struggle with rolling and placing into a case.  The retractable banner stand even comes with a carrying case with handle.  Retractable banners are great for banners that will be stored and moved time and again.  The banners are easy to assemble and adjust.  They can provide all the information you need, or serve as an accent around larger banners. When you need retractable banner stand printing head to Guru Printers.  There is no better place to go!


We require that you extend any images that run up to the trim line a minimum of 1/8" (0.125") past the trim line to create "bleed". Depending on what program you use to create your file, this may or may not change the total image area of your file. Programs like Photoshop that do not allow the creation of "bleed" or the addition of crop marks will require an image area that is 1/4" (0.25") larger than your desired final overall image area in both dimensions.

Retractable Banners 33 x 78 & 36 x 90:

When submitting the design for your Banner, please note that a portion of the banner bottom will remain hidden in the display base; ours hides the bottom 2".